State of The ReFi Nation with Rez from Solid World DAO
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State of The ReFi Nation with Rez from Solid World DAO

John Ellison is joined by Rez, co-founder of Solid World DAO and co-host of This Week in ReFi Podcast. They take a look at the last year in the world of ReFi, the Cambrian explosion of innovation at the intersection of climate and Web3. Where we are now, and where we are headed as we continue our collective ReFi journey together...

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Stenver Jerkku.

Solid World

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00:00 Intro
01:32 State of The ReFi Nation
03:04 Rez's Journey
08:45 JE's journey
12:45 Klima DAO launch
16:40 JE's time at Toucan
17:55 KlimaDAO Launch
19:20 NCT Launch
22:50 Verra pausing Tokenization
26:50 Verra Consultations & Gold Standard
33:40 Where are we now?
34:00 State of tokenized carbon
36:22 How we dealt with COVID-19
36:43 US Money Supply 
38:26 Macro Finance, IMF GFSR
40:40 Tech Stocks 
41:04 Tech Company Layoffs 
43:03 Changing Narrative of Crypto
47:45 Atmospheric CO2 
48:20 Global Co-ordination 
55:40 The next chapter of ReFi
57:34 Future Quest 1M grant pool

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