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ReFi PodcastAugust 29, 2023x
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Refi Podcast S3 TRAILER

Unveiling a New Chapter of Regeneration and Web3

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we dive into the next chapter of regeneration, Web3 technology, and positive impact. Our mission remains steadfast: to reshape the world by harnessing the power of decentralized networks, innovation, and collaboration.

🎙️ In Season 3, we explore groundbreaking ideas, connect with visionary leaders, and share insights that shape the future. From discussions on the potential of network states to unraveling the complexities of global coordination, each episode invites you to be part of the conversation driving change.

🌐 Join us as we bridge the gap between online communities and real-world impact, weaving together diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives. This season, we're taking a closer look at the fusion of technology and sustainability, with our eyes firmly set on building a regenerative future.

🚀 Whether you're a Web3 enthusiast, an advocate for positive change, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and impact, Season 3 has something for everyone. Our guests share their insights, experiences, and visions, inspiring listeners to explore new horizons and take action.

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🎉 Join us on this adventure of innovation, collaboration, and positive change. It's time to rewrite the narrative and shape the future we want to see. Stay tuned for Season 3 of ReFi DAO!

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