Liquid Climate Finance with Stenver Jerkku & Rez Tammsaar of Solid World │Season 3 Episode 7 🎧
ReFi PodcastOctober 17, 2023x
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Liquid Climate Finance with Stenver Jerkku & Rez Tammsaar of Solid World │Season 3 Episode 7 🎧

Join John Ellison of ReFi DAO, as he sits down with Stenver and Rez from Solid World, two incredible humans and entrepreneurs revolutionizing the landscape of climate finance. Their groundbreaking approach allows climate projects to receive financing at inception, eliminating the waiting game of traditional carbon credit systems. Discover how Solid World leverages Web3 technologies to craft a dynamic, efficient market, addressing the needs of project developers, brokers, corporate buyers, and capital providers. This episode sheds light on the importance of transparency and trust in the ReFi world while exploring the methodologies that Solid World employs to gauge risk and expand their impact beyond the voluntary carbon market.

In this episode, you will:

🌟 Discover how Solid World's innovative financing model empowers climate projects from the get-go, eliminating the prolonged wait tied to carbon credits.

🖥️ Unravel the potential of Web3 Technologies in creating a transparent, efficient market, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the climate finance ecosystem.

💡 Gain insights into the methodologies and strategies Solid World utilizes to evaluate risk and broaden their reach beyond the confines of the voluntary carbon market.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:46] Introduction

[00:02:31] Who is Stenver Jerkku?

[00:05:20] Who is Rez Tammsaar?

[00:06:53] The Limitations of the Current Financial Instruments

[00:10:00] Solid World: How Does It Work And Who Is It For

[00:13:48] Liquidity & Trust

[00:16:11] From Order Books to Web3

[00:18:52] Using Market Activity to Set Liquidity Pool Parameters

[00:20:03] Redefining Carbon Markets

[00:22:09] Building Resilient Systems: The Robustness of Crisp-M

[00:29:46] The Origins of ReFi: Myanmar 1764 and TreeCoin

[00:38:09] The CRISP Framework and the Pursuit of Transparent Climate Action

[00:44:50] Assessing Carbon Credit Risk and Ensuring Quality

[00:42:01] Commitment, Innovation, and the Current State of the Market

[00:56:16] Navigating the Digital Frontier

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