Internet of Impact IXO & ReFi Cape Town with Shaun Conway & Shawn Alimohammadi │Season 3 Episode 6 🎧
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Internet of Impact IXO & ReFi Cape Town with Shaun Conway & Shawn Alimohammadi │Season 3 Episode 6 🎧

Welcome, ReFi Nation! Join us as we unfold a dialogue focused on vision, impact, and technology in today’s episode, featuring distinguished guests, Dr. Shaun Conway and Shawn Alimohammadi from IXO.

Delve deep with us into a conversation where technology meets impact, and dreams align with actionable systems. Dr. Conway, a visionary since 2008, has been at the forefront, harboring the dream of a tokenized impact economy within the robust framework of the Cosmos ecosystem. With his profound experience in development and aid, he’s witnessed the power and potential of decentralized ledgers as enablers of a new world where harmony between people and planet isn’t just a utopian fantasy but a tangible reality.

Joining him is Shawn Alimohammadi, a pioneer of the ReFi Local Node movement, actively participating in sowing the seeds of regeneration in Cape Town. Shawn brings to the table not just expertise but a commitment to inviting and engaging local leaders in this transformative vision of a regenerative future.

In this episode you will:

🌱 Explore Revolutionary Systems: Understand the underlying logic and innovative mechanics of IXO’s groundbreaking blockchain system built on the Cosmos SDK, specifically designed for the tokenized impact economy. 

🔗 Witness Technological Intervention: Delve into the exciting intersection of blockchain, distributed ledgers, and artificial intelligence as crucial tools for verification and acceleration of impact claims. 

🌍 Gain Insight into Global Impact Movements: Discover first-hand the experiences and stories of Dr. Shaun Conway and Shaun Alimohammadi, from their initial visions to the practical implementation of Local Node movements and regeneration initiatives worldwide.


00:00 - Teaser
00:50 - Introduction
4:38 - Meditation
7:44 - The Tokenized Impact Economy
10:54 - We don't know what matters for planetary health
13:00 - A Public, Verifiable Proof of Making Good in the World
19:20 - The Local Currencies Experiment
22:55 - Presenting IXO
34:11 - Why Would a Project Choose IXO?
48:11 - What is Coming Next for IXO?
55:14 - The Culture of ReFi Cape Town
1:03:57 - How Can You Access the Power of IXO?

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