Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact with Sarah Baxendell │Season 3 Episode 2
ReFi PodcastSeptember 12, 2023x
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Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact with Sarah Baxendell │Season 3 Episode 2

Join John Ellison of ReFi DAO as he sits down with a true pioneer in the ReFi space, Sarah Baxendell of Regen Network. Sarah's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring, with roots in finance, supply chain management, and hands-on experiences in permaculture landscapes across eight enriching seasons. As the global environment faces daunting challenges, Regen Network is at the forefront, developing cutting-edge technology to bolster the environmental asset market with unwavering integrity. Together, they navigate the innovations of Regen Network, highlighting breakthroughs, challenges, and the pressing gender imbalance in blockchain. 

Dive into this heartfelt conversation that not only spans technological feats but also emphasizes our collective role in Earth's regeneration. Immerse, reflect, and join our journey to make impactful changes together.

In the second episode of Season 3 you will:

  • Dive deep into Sarah Baxendell's multifaceted journey, from her hands-on involvement in permaculture to leading innovations in the refi space.

  • Uncover Region Network's pivotal role in environmentally-driven asset market innovation.

  • Delve into the conversation on gender disparity in blockchain and the push for inclusivity.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:40] John’s Intro

[00:02:05] Sarah's background and journey

[00:08:47] Occupy Wall Street

[00:13:31] Reclamation of 107 acres of land

[00:17:37] Regen Network's mission

[00:19:04] Creating global climate action

[00:23:38] Creating new income sources

[00:25:54] Keystone species and biodiversity

[00:31:00] Unique Regen Registry and scientific methodologies

[00:34:09] Interchain carbon paradigm

[00:36:15] Regenerative finance and blockchain

[00:40:06] Trust and growth in the ecosystem

[00:44:26] Data provenance and higher quality assets

[00:47:41] Permissionless credit class functionality

[00:50:38] App developer ecosystem emerging

[00:54:09] DAOfication of the core network

[00:57:05] Ecology and community of creators

[01:00:14] Women in the blockchain world

[01:04:37] Lack of women representation

[01:08:33] Women feeling unseen and unappreciated

[01:12:29] Feminine and masculine energy

[01:17:18] Blockchain as the cultural wave

[01:20:09] Forming community through chaos

[01:23:11] What it means to be human














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