Circular Economies with Ashley from Resource Finance
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Circular Economies with Ashley from Resource Finance

Simar is joined by Ashley from Resource Finance, who are taking the ancient behavior of bartering and mutual credit, and creating a set of tools to enable this to happen at a community and local level at scale.

The conversation unpacks:
- What Resource is
- Mutual Credit
- Ashley's story
- What regenerative economic systems look like now and in the future
- A whole lot more....


Peter Buffett

Charles Eisenstein: Sacred economics

The Ascent of Humanity

David Casey

Resource Finance

00:00 intro
01:32 What is resource?
03:45 Ashley’s journey
08:54 Initial insights on the broken economy
13:02 Origins of the protocol
19:25 What is Mutual Credit?
24:09 Credit/Debit
27:31 Communities on the Ground
31:12 Theory to Practice, discoveries
35:40 Key Educating Factors
37:50 Future Potential
42:13 What do you Value?
43:40 CTA


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