Bear means BUIDL with Jahed from Cerulean Ventures
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Bear means BUIDL with Jahed from Cerulean Ventures

jE is joined by Jahed Momand, co-founder of Cerulean Ventures, for a deep-dive into his experiences, learnings, and insights that sit at the intersection of Climate & Web3.
Topics covered include:

🎙 Jahed's background and journey into the space
🎙 Forming the fund of Regen Network
🎙 Raising Money at Cerulean Ventures
🎙 Core Mental Models for founders in the Bear Market
🎙 The massive opportunities presenting themselves as a result of new climate legislations in the EU and US,
🎙 And a whole lot more, see below...

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"I co-founded Cerulean Ventures with my partner Matthew Stotts. Cerulean Ventures backs crypto / web3 companies building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact in this decade.
We take a deeply hands-on approach informed by our own experience and background as founders, helping our portfolio with everything from the technical (mechanism design, product management, data engineering) to marketing and operational (community engagement, governance, tokenomics design, recruiting).
I also actively contribute to DAOs, as a steward to both PrimeDAO and GnosisGuild."

Individuals Mentioned:
Dan Ariely
John Light
Gregory Landua
Ethan Buchman
BJ Fogg
Brianna Welsh
David Rodriguez
Cathie Wood

Prime DAO
Regen Network
Regen Foundation
Gold Standard
American Carbon Registry
Bio Carbon Registry
Open Forest Protocol
Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Mercy Corps Ventures
Jasmine Energy
Helios DAO
Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol
World Climate Summit
Draft Ventures

00:00 Intro
01:53 Jahed's Journey
09:27 Shared Ownership
11:06 Regen Network Thesis
17:14 Impact Outcomes
19:57 Impact Claims
21:14 Cosmos Deep Dive
23:57 Cosmos App-Chain Thesis
27:05 Cosmos Use Case
33:40 State of ReFi in the Bear Market
41:14 User Research to Test Hypotheses
45:17 Unlocking the Next Cycle
49:51 Insetting
52:07 Renewable Energy Opportunity
54:58 Greening Bitcoin
58:58 Concluding Thoughts

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