AI, Nature and Web3: The Path to a Regenerative Society with Monty Merlin │Season 3 Episode 1
ReFi PodcastSeptember 07, 2023x
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AI, Nature and Web3: The Path to a Regenerative Society with Monty Merlin │Season 3 Episode 1

In this thought-provoking episode, John and Monty explore the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable world. With a focus on impact and verifiable proof, they discuss the potential for a commercially viable business that tells the story of change. From rebuilding our lives to redefining what family means, they uncover the power of facing our shadows and taking action. Discover the narrative that propels us forward and find hope in the incredible solutions and networks that can make a real difference. 

Molded by familial values and academic pursuits in Bristol, Monty immersed himself in integrated management, innovation, and startup strategies. An early tech enthusiast, he recognized the lack of environmental focus in the Web 3 ecosystem. Today, he's a strong voice in the ReFi movement, working to harness the transformative power of AI and web 3 to foster a greener future through ReFi DAO and ReFi London.

In the premiere episode of Season 3 you will:

  • Uncover the capabilities of AI and Web3 in decentralizing our globe

  • Understand the dream of a Regenerative Earth

Witness how communities are forging regenerative societies


[00:00:00] Welcome to ReFi Podcast Season 3! 

[00:01:35] Community-owned network of storytellers

[00:03:08] Who is John Ellison?

[00:04:28] ReFi Podcast Recap 

[00:06:07] Intro to Source Studios

[00:06:55] Season 3 Overview

[00:08:28] John’s Personal Awakening 

[00:09:28] Motivations and Impact 

[00:14:32] Rewilding and conservation efforts 

[00:17:17] Global environmental tipping points

[00:21:59] Propelling towards making a difference 

[00:25:23] What does it mean to be human? 

[00:27:10] Redesigning models of growth 

[00:29:29] Web 3 and AI governance 

[00:33:31] Regenerative Renaissance and a New Story 

[00:36:08] Regenerative economics and society

[00:40:30] ReFi DAO and its potential 

[00:43:18] A new bottom-up grassroots society 

[00:45:15] Local communities and regeneration 

[00:48:39] Creating space for regeneration










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